DAY 20

Week #3 Wrap-Up: Cheaters Gonna Cheat.

Humans are just that: human.

A friend of mine is starting a business involving amazingly delicious, hand-made, organic, breakfast tacos that are seriously delicious. She made everything from scratch today: picked the potatoes from a farm, baked the tortillas herself, and even pureed jalapeños into salsa! She invited some friends over for a taste testing brunch today, how could I possible refuse?

So I cheated again a little bit. So what? It was in the name of love for my amazing friend and her delicious tacos. You would have done it too.

Week #3 Wrap-up:

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Day 15: On The Go.
Day 16: Why is Simple So Damn Hard?
Day 17: Pointless? Perhaps. Spiritual? Certainly.
Day 18: (R)evolutionary.
Day 19: New Old Experiences.

Hours slept: 8

Meal times:
10:00AM : 12oz
12:00PM : 4oz
1:00PM : Small cheat taco :(
5:00PM : 12oz
7:00 : 12oz

Weigh-in : 169.5lbs
Weigh-out: 169lbs