DAY 18


Today’s batch was the first one I made the night before. At first glance this morning, I was worried about the small layer of separation (the oil floated to the top), but a few quick shakes and it was back to normal.

Then I took my first sip and something was different. As the pitcher sat overnight in the fridge, something magical happened.

Almost all of the grit vanished.

Thinking about it now makes sense, but it never crossed my mind. I guess the powder dissolves more completely over time. It was also cold and ready to drink — whereas, I usually need to add ice in the morning. I’ll be doing this from now on.

I also added some cinnamon to the mix.

I had planned to do this earlier, but it slipped my mind. Cinnamon makes the whole batch much more palatable. Plus it’s good for you too.

These two changes made the experience of eating Soylent much better. But I don’t know if it’s just better in comparison to the previous 17 days. If you sat the two glass side-by-side, you’d be able to tell the difference. But if I started out doing it this way, I’d probably still be sick of it at this point.

So really, it’s just an evolutionary step, not a revolutionary one.

My quality of life increase only a minor amount compared to yesterday.

I think that’s representative of my whole experience with Soylent. The creators tout Soylent as a revolutionary change in food science, but you could already go to a local grocery store and buy any number of meal replacement powders and drinks. Maybe they aren’t as cheap or nutrient-dense as Soylent.

If Soylent is any better, it’s only by evolution, not revolution.

Perhaps one day, though...

Hours slept: 7

Meal times:
8:00AM : 12oz
11:00AM : 12oz
2:00PM : 16oz
7:00PM : 12oz

Weigh-in : 168lbs
Weigh-out: 168lbs