DAY 15

On the Go.

Going into this project, I really thought that Soylent would be the perfect drink for an active lifestyle. I imagined it being a great solution for camping out at Bonnaroo for days without a fridge or stove. Or for long days out on the lake. Or even days when I can’t find time to stop for lunch.

I immediately thought of a particular globetrotting filmmaker (and constant source of creative inspiration), suggesting that it might be a great addition to his travel necessities. But that was before actually experiencing Soylent for myself.

And my assumption turned out to be a horribly misinformed one.

There are two scenarios for drinking Soylent on the go. First, you can premix it at home and bring it with you in a water bottle. Second, you can bring both the powder (and the oil) with you and mix it with water on the go.

I wasn’t in the office until well after lunch today, so I chose the first. It wasn’t a very good decision.

The bottle ended up resting in the door pocket of my car, in the heat of a Tennessee July parking lot for about 4 hours. It contained 16oz out of a 20oz capacity. I got back to the car pretty hungry, so I grabbed the bottle and popped the flip-top open with my thumb.

Thus quickly learning a new equation: heat + Soylent = pressure.

And that pressure caused a minor explosion of warm beige batter on my face and the roof of my car. Not a fun lunch.

After cleaning up, I drove to the office and put it in the fridge, where it took about an hour to cool to a drinkable temperature.

So, method #1 of Soylent on the go was not a pleasant experience. As it turns out, I’ll be traveling for a few days next week. We’ll see how method #2 works out.

Hopefully TSA doesn’t have Soylent on the no-fly list.

Hours slept: 9

Meal times:
9:00AM : 12oz
2:00PM : 12oz
5:00PM : 12oz
8:30PM : 16oz

Weigh-in : 168.5lbs
Weigh-out: 169lbs