DAY 06

Soylent Pancakes & Week #1 Wrap-up.

Before I gave up food for 30 days, breakfast was my favorite meal. The smell of coffee brewing & eggs frying could revive me from the deepest slumber.

So in honor of a full week on Soyent, I decided to spice up my breakfast dose.

I added a little whole milk and made an extra thick batch. Then I greased up a skillet and poured a healthy dollop. The batter popped and sizzled, and actually smelled good!

Once the batter bubbled, I tried to flip it. That’s when everything fell apart. The batter didn’t hold together. The center was mushy. The bottom started burning so I scooped it together and managed to cook the other side. Eventually, I ended up with a cracker-sized glob of fried Soylent.

It didn’t taste particularly good either.

Week #1 Wrap-up:

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Day 01: This is your fridge on Soylent
Day 02: Is this... healthy?
Day 03: Loathe the Loaf.
Day 04: Over the hUMp.
Day 05: I’m a cheating cheater.

Hours slept: 8

Meal times:
10:00AM : Soylent Pancake
10:15AM : 16oz
1:00PM : 16oz
8:00PM : 12oz

Weigh-in : 171.5lbs
Weigh-out: 171lbs