DAY 04

Over the hUMp.

I’m in the thick of it now. I read somewhere that it typically takes 3 days for the human body to process food. That means I’m running on 100% Soylent now.

I’ve felt better.

I noticed having trouble focusing on tasks & conversions. I’m juggling a few projects, but my thoughts have been a little blurry & my actions sometimes seem to be on autopilot. Time appears to move more quickly. I’ve forgotten my “lunch” on the kitchen counter twice this week, and had to drive home from work to get it.

I’ve been having some weird dreams. Sometimes food related.

Last night, I had a dream that I was at a buffet. But I could only find a plate that was about the size and shape of a butter dish. To maximize the amount of food on the plate, I flayed open a hotdog bun to stack dates & manchengo cheese, french toast & strawberries, steak & eggs. A few of my favorite combinations.

I haven’t been jealous of others eating around me, though. Yesterday I met a friend for lunch and sipped an iced black coffee (I had already consumed my lunch “dose”) while watching her enjoy a delicious-looking tomato soup & four cheese sandwich. But even the smell of fresh-baked bread didn’t make me crack.

I’ve started chewing gum to “supplement my chews.”

It also helps to battle the acidic taste that lingers in the back of my mouth. I also seem to have a bit less energy than normal.

Is this what freedom now means?

That I have the right to purchase an untested and unproven food replacement powered, concoct a foolish project to archive my experiences, and chose to deny my base urge to eat whole food while disregarding the sound advice from those more educated in nutrition science and human biology?

Happy birthday America!

Hours slept: 8

Meal times:
8:30AM : 16oz
12:00PM : 16oz
8:00PM : 12oz
10:30PM : 12oz

Weigh-in : 171lbs
Weigh-out: 171lbs