DAY 07


Today felt like crossing a major hurdle. I’ve maintained a routine, and for the first time my body feels fully adjusted to the Soylent-only diet. I’ve figured out how to harness the power of the powder to fuel my lifestyle.

I actually shot out of bed this morning, ready to kick some tuches.

It took some experimentation to reach this equilibrium. I’ve learned that front-loading a larger portion of Soylent in the morning and early afternoon prevents an energy crash at the end of the day. This is great for getting an extra bit of work or reading done in the evenings — time I previously spent cooking dinner, washing dishes, watching TV, and being a double-stuffed couch potato. Also, a splash of coffee in my morning dose makes for a more palatable start to the day.

Sustenance has become automatic, like breathing; I no longer have to think about where it’s coming from.

My trash accumulation is next to nothing. And I’ve filled less than half of my dishwasher. It feels like Soylent has turned me into some kind of efficient man-machine hybrid.

But like anything else in life, Soylent has drawbacks too. I recognized some immediately, before I even received my long-awaited shipment. Others could only be uncovered after actually living on the stuff for a week at a time.

I’ve been a bit gassy.

I just have to be real here. Since day 3 or 4, I’ve been unusually percussive. I hope this is just an adjustment to a different fiber source/amount. OK, enough about that.

There’s very little passion or excitement coming from my Soylent consumption. It’s hard to connect with people about it. I usually get weird looks or scrunched faces when I explain why I can’t have lunch or dinner with friends. The taste is beige and it wouldn’t inspire any epic poetry.

It feels like this project is going through the typical phases of a new relationship: the romantic beginnings, with excitement for each new experience & discovery; the power struggle (or love hangover), where you have to adjust to sharing life with a partner; then the stability phase, where the keel evens and life is good. This is where I now find myself now.

I’ve accepted what it’s like to live on Soylent for the next 3 weeks. I don’t mind watching people eat “real” food or the sometimes intoxicating smells that accompany. I wouldn’t yet choose this lifestyle permanently, but I’m enjoying the experiment.

Hours slept: 8

Meal times:
7:45AM : 16oz
10:30AM : 16oz
2:00PM : 16oz
8:00PM : 12oz

Weigh-in : 169.5lbs
Weigh-out: 170lbs