DAY 23

Soylent, now TSA approved!

That’s a picture of an unopened bag of Soylent after going through TSA’s finest airport security. Honesty, I expected them to at least inquire about the foil packet of sealed white powder that was sitting in my bag, but I had no issues. I have not confirmed if Soylent is actually “approved” for flying.

Not pictured: the unhappiness of traveling with Soylent.

My flight left at noon. At that point I had only eaten a 12oz breakfast at 8am. Usually that’s enough to hold me off until about 11am, maybe noon. By that time I was already at the airport and boarding my flight.

Despite the generous and hospitable nature of airline travel, I doubt that the TSA agents would understand my commitment to this particularly foolish, ill-informed, and completely arbitrary project which I’ve been following for the last 3 weeks. So bringing any pre-mixed Soylent with me through security was out of the question.

Even if I did bring a shaker bottle, chugged it before security, rinsed it out in the bathroom (gross), and carried it through my two flights, the process is just painful & unnecessary. Also, warm Soylent is about as appetizing as eating pancake batter.

After 2 flights and 7 hours of travel, my two meals were almost 12 hours apart...

Hours slept: 7

Meal times:
8:00AM : 12oz
8:00PM : 16oz
10:00PM : 8oz

Weigh-in : 168lbs
Weigh-out: 167lbs