DAY 11

Party & Soylent (and Party & Soylent)

I like going to places and events alone. Exploring a space is as much a personal discovery as a geographic one. However, in a big, small town like Nashville, it’s hard to go places and not know people.

Sometimes I think of myself as a xenophilic introvert. I enjoy the energy of meeting new people, I can be just as happy at home with my dog and a book. But the more I get out there, the more I discover that each of us conceal hidden talents — sometimes even from ourselves — and the only way to draw out these gifts and ideas is through collaboration and interpersonal connection.

How does this relate to Soylent?

Well, first of all, it can be an interesting conversation starter. But more than that, it forces me to start them. No more going right up to the bar for a tall frosty one. That’s a crutch. It puts the onus on me to be entertaining or to otherwise draw entertainment from the group.

Life is long.
Live slowly.
Intention is important.
Conversation matters.

This project has reinforced these thoughts for me. Some days it feels like I have an eternity of beige powder left to choke down. Others, its consumption becomes automatic like breathing and I focus on the rest of life.

You can still party & Soylent.

Hours slept: 7

Meal times:
8:30AM : 18oz
11:00AM : 10oz
3:00PM : 10oz
6:00PM : 12oz
9:00PM : 8oz

Weigh-in : 168lbs
Weigh-out: 169lbs