DAY 09

Rhymes & Reason.

Oh! khaki-colored foodstuff powder mix,
Recognized as safe, by the FDA.
You taste like crumbled oats and flour bricks.
Might this be just how horses think of hay?

Oh! “Future food” designed for mass consumption,
Intended as a staple for adults.
Nutritious yes, at least by my assumption.
And quickly turning into quite the cult.

I thought I might survive on you alone:
No pizza pie nor beer nor fries for I!
So 30 days “real food” I will postpone
But still I cannot figure out just why…

Perhaps this life is nothing, if not a test of will
The goal is not the end; the journey is the thrill.

Hours slept: 7

Meal times:
8:00AM : 16oz
12:00PM : 12oz
2:00PM : 6oz
5:00PM : 12oz
9:30PM : 8oz

Weigh-in : 168lbs
Weigh-out: 168lbs